5.2 Rogues and Blackguards

by Matt P.

The movie went well, with a small amount of amusing heckling from Siobhan at the dumber scenes of the major active movie sequel. There had been more people there, girls and boys, and it had been fun. They had parted ways at the theater with many of them, until it was Lacey, Monica, Scotty, and Siobhan and Annie.

“You can just drop us off here, Monica.” Siobhan said as they passed by the brick rows of riverfront shops. She and Annie were growing increasingly comfortable with the layout of the city, and recognized easily how close they were to the ‘fake’ psychic shop.

“Your dad’s ex-military?” Monica asked. “And a cop, right?”

“Yes…” Siobhan answered as she reached for her seat belt release.

“Ten sit your ass down.” Monica said simply as she continued to drive along. The shops continued to pass at sedate pace of the shopping area’s low speed limit, the street lights hazily scattering the darkness for the people enjoying their evening.

“But…” Siobhan started, only for Monica to shake her head.

“Unless your but is ‘I made up him being a soldier and a cop’, it won’t help.” Monica said wryly.

“We need to go back to the psychic shop, Monica.” Antigone sighed, pulling the folded note out of her purse. She handed it up front, and Lacey unfolded it. Reading the note, she paled and looked to Monica. “Stop the van, Mon.” She said quietly. Monica blinked at her friend but pulled the car down a dark alley and put it in to park. They were a couple of blocks from the shop as the headlights went off, and Monica reached out to take the note. She didn’t pale, but her mouth tightened in anger.

“That creepy son of a—” Monica grumbled. “Yeah, we’re gonna go back, to whip his ass something good.” Siobhan, startled, laughed and Antigone smiled.

“We just want to see if he’s got like…photos of the High School, or a creeper van. We’re not forming a posse.” Annie explained.

“Yet.” Siobhan added, helpfully. “Cause yeah, that’s freaky.”

Lacey and Monica shared a look, one of great silent communication, and it made Siobhan wonder how long they had known each other. They held each other’s gazes for a few heartbeats before they both nodded. Then they turned to look at Scotty.

“Promise me if we get caught you’ll smuggle me in to the women’s prison.” Scotty said somberly, drawing a round of exasperated laughter before he nodded. “Criminal records are sexy. Come on, let’s go play Orange is the New Black.”

**** ****

“Why do you own lock picks?” Antigone asked Lacey as she knelt down in front of the door.

“Why don’t I own lock picks?” Siobhan asked. “Where did you get them?”

Lacey slid the slender picks in to the lock and started to work. “Because.” She answered cryptically. “And Amazon.com.” Siobhan nodded, making a mental note.

“Her boyfriend kept losing his handcuff keys.” Monica answered for her friend. “She started learning with them, but got bored and moved up. Apparently so we could commit breaking and entering instead of freaky stuff.”

“I will cut you.” Lacey said absently. Siobhan smirked, and shared an amused look with Scotty and Antigone as the kneeling girl worked. It took a few moments, during which Siobhan felt like her heart might burst out of her chest and start dancing on the walls. While they hadn’t picked the front door because they weren’t stupid, the back door was still more exposed than she’d like. Once a cop car drove by and they had all almost needed new underwear, but the car had kept going apparently without seeing them.

Finally the door clicked and Lacey turned the handle. It swung open, and the short blond took the lead in walking in. But as the others entered the dark back room, apparently a storeroom for the faux-mystic set dressing style of the front of the shop, Lacey’s steps stopped short. She reached forward and picked up a folded note, and handed it back to Siobhan. She picked up another and kept it, while a third went to Scotty.

Siobhan saw the notes were labelled ‘Siobhan and Antigone’, ‘Lacey and Monica’, and ‘The Body’. Siobhan flipped hers open and angled it so both she and Annie could read it together, both their brows furrowing in identical expressions of confusion.


Dear Siobhan and Antigone,

I am sorry. If there had been a way for me to stop you from coming, I would have. Even if I hadnt given you the note curiosity would have sent Siobhan back, and it would have been worse. If you follow my instructions you should be safe.

When the first gunshot happens, run to the front fo the shop. Turn over the desk, it’s thick. Remember: Goo low through the door. Dodge left. At the crack, out the door. ‘He’s near the glass balls’.

Tell your father he’s on the right track. Siobhan, be calm. Antigone, be strong. I’ll talk to you all when I’m back—by then you’ll know more.

Peace to your foes, Lady of the Summer Glade. Good hunting, Lady of Ravens.


Gabriel Shepherd


They all blinked.

“Ours said: ‘Learn to read faster, and follow Antigone and Siobhan.’” Monica explained to their curious looks. Slowly they all turned to look at Scotty.

“Mine said ‘German suplex, brah’.” He offered with a shrug.

They all considered this, and Scotty kicked his legs out a bit one at a time in nervousness. It probably saved his leg from being blown off as the first crack of gunfire pulverized a glass lamp, raining shards down among them like falling snow.