About the Border

What is this thing?

Border, Kansas is a serial web-fiction set in the town of (amusingly enough) Border, Kansas.  While it may look like an unassuming metropolitan area complete with a mayor, a police force, and humble people going about their  business…not everything is as it seems.  The shadows hold a little more depth, the forests a little more wild, and the streets a little more…something.

What is a web-fiction?

Once upon a time novels were published serially, in newspapers and magazines.  A little bit would appear every day or week and keep readers enticed, before later being collected in a book.  This format fell out of favor but presents an opportune way of presenting fiction on the internet.  Like a web-comic I plan to update a new piece of the story two times a week so that you can experience the story of the Marshal, the High Priestess, the Lady of Ravens, and the Border.

What are the themes of the story?

Border will deal with family and love, mystery and deceit, betrayal and loyalty.  The tagline is, for now, “Isn’t Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic?”, which should tell you some of the feel.  The supernatural, the magical, the living and the dead and the in-between all have their place in the Border.  But like the best in urban fantasy and magical realism they must be grounded in people with real feelings and motivations, agency and desires.  That’s our goal.

Where is Border located?

Border, KS is located near where Medicine Lodge, KS is in our world.  Its inspirations are my time living in and visiting Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City, KS as well as Omaha, NE.  As a city in the real world it does not exist, so please don’t bother locals of Medicine Lodge or southern Kansas asking where all these landmarks are.  Bother them about other things.

As to where the Border is…it is located at the border.  The intersection, where lines overlap and come together, and where you can travel from one place to another with a step across a line.  The only question is whether you knew the line was there before.