Friends of the Border

What is this page?

This page is a place for me to put links to those places I enjoy, and thank those people who have given me succor and aid in times of need and been rewarded with Citizenship in Border.


Leylines Comic and Moko Press: The Webcomic run by one of my closest friends, Robin Childs, and the company she and her husband (one of my two best friends in the world) Cory Childs run.  Leylines asks questions like “Would you sacrifice your future for your family” and “What is up with that trickster god?” both of which are relevant to the Border as well.

The Moko Expedition: The Podcast that Robin, Cory, and I run.  It releases twice a week (every other Friday) on a variety of writer and fiction related topics. It’s our attempt to figure out what we’re doing, and how to do it better; join us as a crewman on the expedition and help us figure it out!


Citizens of Border:

Those who help the Border may be rewarded with citizenship.  Or punished with it.  Or…find out about it years later when they receive an unpaid tax bill and a friendly note from the unfriendly town solicitor. In any case they are full citizens of the town, with all the privileges and responsibilities.

Pamela Cole

Matthew Cole

Robin Childs

Cory Childs

Charles Fox