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Category: Book 1 Chapter 5

5.5 Debrief

“I’m never going to be able to let you go out on Friday nights again. Ever.” Walter proclaimed to his daughters, with a mix of exasperation, concern, and relief. “Or any other night.” He amended with a grumble. “So when I asked you about shenanigans, you neglected to include breaking and entering for what good […]


5.4 First Impressions

Scotty Ravotti, known as ‘The Body’ and self-proclaimed World-Class Hottie, didn’t hesitate. He reached out and grabbed the attacker, who was two inches shorter and probably twenty pounds lighter than him. With the training of years of backyard wrestling for a surprisingly (perhaps disturbingly) popular Youtube channel, he pulled the man in to the air […]


5.3 Listening Skills

“Shit titties!” Siobhan cursed loudly. Antigone and the others screamed, and Scotty cursed even more loudly and fluently than Siobhan. For a long moment no one moved, until Siobhan saw the note in her hand again, and some sense returned and tamped down on the flooding panic. “GO!” She shouted, grabbing Antigone by the hand […]


5.2 Rogues and Blackguards

The movie went well, with a small amount of amusing heckling from Siobhan at the dumber scenes of the major active movie sequel. There had been more people there, girls and boys, and it had been fun. They had parted ways at the theater with many of them, until it was Lacey, Monica, Scotty, and […]


5.1 Boys

Robby Rocket’s Rocket Burger Bar (with Rocket Fries and Rocket Sauce) was an exercise in branding gone awry. The whole place was covered in NASA and Sci-Fi paraphernalia, and Antigone thought the menu desperately needed a thesaurus for synonyms of ‘Rocket’ and ‘Lift Off’; it was bad to the point where ordering things could be […]


5.0 Aww

BEGIN CHAPTER 5: AN EVENING INTERLUDE   Later that week evening came to the Border with an unseasonal hint of crispness, a snap to the late August air that few had expected and fewer appreciated–a promise of the chill to come later in the year. Not so unpleasant as to require heavy coats, it nonetheless […]