Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: August, 2016

ASN 2.1 Sweat and Silence

Antigone Richards wiped the sweat off of her forehead with a towel from her gym bag as she stepped out of the dance room. The large, wooden floored room was part of the Border Athletic Club that the dance company rented out while they were saving for their own studio. It would be at least […]


ASN 2.0 Breakfast Interrupted

Contrary to the night before, when Walter Richards woke up on the early March day it was after a night of quite good sleep, what he got of it. He yawned, stretching his arms above his head and lowering one to the woman who was in the bed with him. Morgan began to wake up […]


ASN 1.2: Dreaming Anew

The Marshal who was not yet the Marshal dreamed, and did not dream. He saw, and did not see. He had dreamed often of late, and sometimes the dreams that were not dreams were confusing—and other times they seemed confused. Sometimes they would start normal and end in darkness and heat; sometimes they began in […]


ASN 1.1: Orders

She always hated her alleged boss’ office. He was an excellent analyst, although it had been too long since he’d been in the field, but what she hated most was the clutter. The office had wood walls because it was expensive, which was the same reason for the desk. It was insecurity, but that wasn’t […]


ASN 1.0: Trolls

CHAPTER 1: IN THE NIGHT It wasn’t even Spring yet, officially, and Border was already drenched in tonally appropriate rain. It cast a gloom on the nights when it rolled in like a specter, and the thunder that rolled in from Oklahoma kept people off the streets unless they had foul business in mind. Ricky […]


All Shades of Night Preview

Tomorrow (8/9/16), the Border opens again. Our heroes are not unchanged from their previous encounters, nor is the Border static. New challenges rise, as do new threats to the world they have known and made. New characters await. Ashland, a woman from Walter’s past who returns in unexpected ways. Walter’s sister, and more of Morgan’s […]