All Shades of Night Preview

by Matt P.

Tomorrow (8/9/16), the Border opens again. Our heroes are not unchanged from their previous encounters, nor is the Border static. New challenges rise, as do new threats to the world they have known and made.

New characters await. Ashland, a woman from Walter’s past who returns in unexpected ways. Walter’s sister, and more of Morgan’s family wait in the wings. And all the while the people who live in Border will face crises, temptations, and dangers of many different types and terrors. Evil, ambiguity, and darkness come in All Shades of Night, and all will have to be seen before the dawn.

As always, some music to tide you over (warning: Graphic). And tomorrow you can return to the land at the end of all lands, the place where the maps overlap–Border, KS. Book 2: All Shades of Night.