ASN 2.0 Breakfast Interrupted

by Matt P.

Contrary to the night before, when Walter Richards woke up on the early March day it was after a night of quite good sleep, what he got of it. He yawned, stretching his arms above his head and lowering one to the woman who was in the bed with him. Morgan began to wake up with a little bit of a yawn as well, blearily looking over to the alarm clock next to the bed and shaking her head.

“Let me sleep in until 6:30 this time, how luxurious,” she commented wryly. She reached up to ruffle his hair gently as she fell back against the bed. Her own red hair was tousled and she reached up to brush some of it out of her face as she considered the ceiling fan with serious contemplation.

Walter snorted. “Lifetime of habit. Also, you’re a doctor, how are you not used to stupid hours?” He asked, as he reached for his cell phone to make sure he wasn’t being sought by anyone. Morgan did the same, stretching out to reach to the other nightstand for her own cell. Walter admired the curve of her back, reaching out to run his hand down her spine playfully while he set his phone back down.

“Mmm,” Morgan offered wryly. “I’m a specialist, dear. I’m the kind of doctor that has to be called in for a consult off the golf course, and who has to debate whether she can do one more hole before heading in. Not that I play golf, mind you, but I could if I wanted to. Murders, on the other hand…”

Walter snorted. “Then why are you a member of the country club?” He asked. He pulled her up in to his arms and they shared a gentle kiss, before both of them slid out of bed to seek clothing. Neither wanted to be caught in bed if any of his children decided to get up and go roaming early in the day—Siobhan had a habit of keeping odd hours.

Morgan moved to the dresser that she had begun keeping clothing in when she was both in the mortal world and staying over, and began looking through the offerings there. She hummed softly to herself as she fished out clothing and began to pull it on. “Any plans for the day with the kids or might we actually get to share two meals together in one day?”

Walter shook his head as he pulled out a shirt and a pair of jeans from his own dresser. “No plans on my end until late. Siobhan and Antigone are getting themselves to their activities today, and meeting me up later. Does that mean that you don’t have to jaunt off to Faerie?” He asked, as he pulled the shirt up over his head.

Morgan sighed as she pulled a blouse around her body. “I should in the next couple of days. Tennyson is holding things down and doing a decent enough job, but I worry. Even though things quieted down after the…unpleasantness following Oberon’s death slash disappearance, it will be a while before I’m comfortable leaving it for terribly long periods again.” Walter nodded, unbuttoning his pants and moving to pull them on when Morgan smirked. “You know, it occurs to me we might need a shower before the kids wake up…” She offered, wiggling her eyebrows.

Walter dropped the pants immediately, and proceeded to chase her half-naked—if quiet—to the shower.

***** *****

They had just finished having breakfast when both of their cell phones began to buzz on the table. For what seemed like the first time in his entire career, the phone call pulling him in from a day off had actually waited until he was done with a meal to interrupt.

“Well, I guess we can share a ride at least,” Walter offered wryly as he moved to get his coat. “Unless you want to maintain the illusion that we aren’t dating in front of the department who are universally aware of it.”

Morgan’s response was a smirk, and a shake of her head. “No, we can probably forego the illusion. I’m all for car-pooling after all, being eco-friendly is part of my portfolio.” The smirk blossomed in to a genuine little smile of amusement. “Unless you’d prefer me to try to remove all their memories and we can be secret.”

Walter stopped, stumbling over his own feet uncharacteristically as he stared at her for a moment, his eyes widening slightly. “Could you do that?” He asked, stunned. He waved a hand quickly in follow up, snorting. “I don’t want you to, because that is literally terrifying, but could you make that many people forget something?” He asked, half in awe and half in concern.

Morgan considered it for a moment, sucking on her teeth as she moved to open the door, stepping over the Richards children’s habitual shoe pile. “Probably? I can’t do it like the movies and just flash everyone all at once, there’s a limit to how many people you can do that to at once. So let’s say I have the juice but it would be difficult, given the number of cops who know. Why?” She asked, her own voice modulated between curiosity and something else Walter couldn’t identify.

“Just…” Walter gathered his thoughts as he made his way to the door, giving her a nod as he stepped through, and turned to lock it behind them. “A sobering reminder that I’m dating a literal force of nature.” He made it in to a joke with a half-grin.

“And goddess of death,” Morgan reminded in dead-pan seriousness, meeting his eyes. As she passed him and he locked the door, she reached out to squeeze his rear.

Walter raised an eyebrow and followed her to his motorcycle, where she had apparently decided they would ride. The day had cleared from the recent rain, and the streets would probably be clear enough he thought it would be enjoyable. He grabbed the helmets and tossed one to her. “Do goddesses of death often grab people’s asses?” He asked, as they climbed on.

“Perk of the position,” Morgan answered with a wiggle of her eyebrows as he began to back the bike out of the driveway.