3.3 Choices

by Matt P.

Antigone was waiting for her nails to dry when Siobhan padded in to her room. The house had an interesting floor plan, with two rooms in a hallway behind a door that made it seem like another wing. The rooms also shared an interior door, like two hotel rooms in a suite. They had unilaterally declared that to be their wing and set one of their Nerf weapons as a spring gun to protect their territory. Neither their father or Ryan had protested, although whether that was because of their desire to not have conjoined rooms or fear of their superior fire power remained to be seen.

Siobhan stepped out of her compulsively tidy room and gave a little hop over the pile of clothes closest to the door. She was dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt with the words ‘Shadow Moses Athletics’ printed on it. Save for the fact that she hadn’t put on her boots yet Antigone figured she was ready to go.

“Should I ask if you’re wearing that for reals, or just skip to the eye-rolling and comedic sisterly disapproval?” Antigone asked. Siobhan just shrugged and flopped down on to Antigone’s bed, legs flapping in the air humorously.

“Why don’t we skip to the eye-rolling. Remind me again why you plan how to take over the world down to the bathroom breaks, but your room looks like a hoarder vomited panties in it?” Siobhan asked, kicking her legs idly.

“Safe space.” Antigone answered, standing up once she was clear her nails were dry. She made her way over to her closet and began pulling out items. “Besides, you own like…six total outfits and all of them are black.” She held up a sun-dress and looked in her full-length mirror. “Hmm.” She hmm’d pensively.

“Is it really safe if we’re in danger of finding you eaten by a pile of sentient clothes?” Siobhan asked flippantly, reaching down to check a nearby pile as if expecting to find a lost triplet. Antigone threw a sun-dress at her.

“Wait, damn, that’s the one I wanted.” Antigone said, reaching out to grab it. Siobhan pulled it away but the motion was half-assed, and after the briefest tussle Antigone was disappearing into their bathroom to change. “Why am I leaving my room to get dressed?”

“Manners.” Siobhan said primly, before she started playing basketball with a bundle of clothes and the laundry hamper that looked as if it might die of loneliness. “You know when you let yourself unclench your sphincter you’re alright, Annie.”

Antigone snorted as she stepped out, pulling on a pair of sandals. “What a ringing endorsement, Bonnie.” She said, throwing her sister’s boots at her. “Come on. We walking or getting a ride from Dad?”

“I’m serious.” Siobhan responded after she finished dodging the thump of the combat boots. “I’ll deny it in public because you’re a weirdo, but when you choose to stop obsessing you can be pretty cool. Which is lame.” She added solemnly as she laced her boots up. “I’ll overwhelm my natural desire to be chauffeured about so we don’t have to show up with Dad.”

Antigone paused on her hopping way to the door to look back at Siobhan. “I just want things to work, Bonnie. It wouldn’t kill you to try to plan once and a while either.”

Siobhan shrugged, and hopped up. “Come on, let’s go see if I get to punch anyone tonight.”