2.4 Downhill for Antigone and Siobhan

by Matt P.

Things went downhill almost immediately. Arrayed in long rows at the entrance to the school were seniors, boys and girls, in letter jackets and cheer outfits. That alone would have made Siobhan roll her eyes, as that much civic pride oozing from every spray tanned orifice couldn’t be healthy. Siobhan was pretty sure it caused it caused cancer of the common sense gland. Not that most of these people had it, she suspected.

But they were also shouting “Go home, Freshman!” Because they want to be here more than you do? She thought, before mentally adding Can sophomores go home too?

And then one of them reached out and grabbed Antigone’s backpack by the strap. “Hey there, Freshman. On second thought, you can stay.”

Siobhan watched her sister’s eyes go wide. Annie didn’t do well with randomness like this, she knew; it threw her sister’s plans into disarray. The fact that plans always went into disarray was precisely the reason Siobhan tried to never use them. She rounded just in time to see her sister’s eyes go wide.

“We’re sophomores.” Antigone said, her voice quiet. Siobhan could barely hear it over the crowd’s asinine chanting. She could tell that the older boy hadn’t heard it, so she decided to get involved.

“We’re sophomores.” Siobhan repeated, her voice louder and more commanding. Letter jacket looked up at her, and sneered. He had a thin face but a bulky build, and looked like he was used to getting his way. In a very real way Siobhan hated him from buzz cut to tennis shoes.

“Then why haven’t I seen you around?” He asked.

“Because, amazingly, some people actually move to this crap-hole.” Siobhan responded stridently. “Which, while it is mind-boggling, isn’t exactly complex.”

“Go away, little sophomore.” The man responded, turning his eyes to Antigone. “But you stay, we need more pretty girls here, since Lacey doesn’t put out.”

That comment drew a reaction from five girls—two cheerleaders, Antigone, Siobhan, and a girl who was presumably Lacey. Some of the dudebros looked embarrassed by their friend, Siobhan thought, but no one did anything. Some didn’t look embarrassed, and actually gave him a fist-bump with his free hand.

“Really, we’re going right to rape culture, on day one?” Siobhan asked challengingly, reaching forward and grabbing the older boy’s wrist where it held Antigone’s bag. Annie just looked mortified by the whole situation, and the eyes she turned to Siobhan were both grateful and sad. As if she knew how this would play out.

“Goth queen, there aren’t any teachers around right now.” Letter jacket said with a grin that said he thought he was invincible. “Listen, maybe you think just because I’m a nice guy, I won’t hit a girl, but keep on fucking walking, or else I will.” Siobhan was tempted to comment on his grammar, but then he reached out a hand and put it on Antigone’s waist.

“That makes two of us.” Siobhan said, as she slugged him in the nose.