Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Category: Book 2 Chapter 11

11.4 The Other Kind of Vampire

The woman looked young; her hair had the kind of fineness that one associates with youth. It was like corn silk, and it looked like it wanted to float on the light breeze that was breathing against them. For a long moment Walter didn’t know whether or not to point his gun at this random […]


11.3 The Reverend’s Cabin

Reverend Morrison’s cabin was about thirty minutes outside of town, in to some of the small hills in the surrounding farm country. Until he’d moved here, Walter wouldn’t have assumed there were any hilly places in Kansas—it had the reputation for being scientifically flatter than a pancake, after all. But as it approached the borders […]


11.1 Be Not Afraid

The conference room at the Border PD station had slowly taken on the characteristics of a war room over the weekend. Or perhaps the famed Situation Room at the White House, although Walter had never actually seen it except in movies and television. A map lined one wall with pins in it showing the locations […]