Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Category: Book 1 Chapter 1

1.3 The Lady of Ravens Dreams

The Lady of Ravens, the unknown Queen and the black feather in the field of white, lay in slumber. She dreamed and she did not dream. She saw. She did not understand, but she knew she held within her the kernel of understanding, the seed corn of wisdom. Some day it would sprout and she […]


1.2 The High Priestess Dreams

The High Priestess, the hidden and unknown light who was not yet seen in the day, lay in slumber. She dreamed, and yet she did not dream; she saw, and yet she did not see. She did not understand, but she did not understand in a way that she knew meant that one day she […]


1.1 The Marshal Dreams

The Marshal, who was not yet the marshal, lay in slumber. He dreamed, and he did not dream; he saw, and he did not see. Seeing and unseeing swirled around him like the mists drifting off a lofty mountain peak, shadowing the heights. He held her for so short a time. He saw her in […]


1.0 The City Dreams

People lay dreaming all around the world, those parts swathed in darkness and cradled in the gentle touch of night. One city was no different, but very different, its denizens the same but very different as well. It was the city at the edge of reality, the city of corners and overlaps. The Border. The […]