Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: October, 2017

10.0 Sicarius

Chapter 10: Battlefields A fight, a battle, has a flow to it. Not just a momentum in the sense of one person having the upper hand, but an ebb and flow to it. Half of being successful in battles, Walter knew, was following that ebb and flow and knowing how to take advantage of it. […]


9.7 Don’t Choke

Siobhan gasped for air as she was lifted off the ground by her throat. She reached up to try to pry the fingers off of her windpipe, but they were like cold iron bars and she could find no purchase. Perhaps predictably that left her next move as trying to kick whomever it was in […]


9.6 Yet Another Hospital Fight Club

Siobhan Richards was not a young woman prone to idle threats. She didn’t start fights when she didn’t intend to finish them. But she was forced to admit, as she threw herself at the next soldier who was raising his gun, she didn’t exactly have an exit strategy for this one. Her father wouldn’t have […]


9.5 Hiding (Bijoux, Pt 2)

Two different thoughts ran through Antigone’s mind at the same time. The first one was to run as fast as humanly possible away from the people, because oh my god they were coming for them. There was a terror, Antigone found, to being hunted and knowing it that she hadn’t expected. But the other part […]


9.4 Seeking (Bijoux, Pt I)

The hospital, Antigone reflected, was not any less spooky with the lights shut off now than it had been over winter break. That might have been comforting, that it really had been as scary at that point as it was now, but it wasn’t; they were still in this goddamn place again with the lights […]


9.3 Small Comfort Indeed

Antigone woke up with a start, gasping as the darkness faded away from her eyes. She was shivering, and she had fallen to the floor. Her head was in Siobhan’s lap, and Scotty was straddling her to make sure that she didn’t hurt herself thrashing. Or at least that was what Antigone could figure out […]