Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: March, 2017

5.5 Mental Health Day

Ice cream, by Walter’s insistence, did wait until after lunch. But after what they almost had to call a unhealthy amount of Pho, the two of them pulled themselves through the door of Cream. “Every time I walk in to this place, I’m tempted to shout ‘Phrasing’,” Siobhan confided in her father as they walked […]


ASN 5.4 The Drive: Part II

“Change in the car,” Lacey said cheerily, as she grabbed her backpack from the front seat. “God knows I’ve done it enough times.” She looked down at her watch. “And we’re not spoiled for other options, if we want to make practice.” Antigone slid in to Monica’s minivan, and slid down to the floor of […]


ASN 5.5 The Drive: Part I

Siobhan watched the others go, and turned back to her father to consider him for a moment. He was watching Annie go off, and so she considered him in profile. His brown hair was shot through more with silver than she remembered, and his goatee had started picking it up as well. She didn’t remember […]


ASN 5.3 Hematophagic Discussions

Walter offered a little bit of a shrug. “OK, so vampires. I mean…that would be more earth shattering if you weren’t faeries, and I hadn’t killed your faerie dad.” He shrugged. “Sorry if that came off as callous.” Morgan and Tania shrugged a little bit as well, and it only seemed slightly forced from the […]


ASN 5.2 What Is This

The modern pediatrics wing of Border General Hospital was painted in accordance with the newer philosophy of hospital decorating, that patients should largely not wish for death if only to escape the look—and the smell of the disinfectant. So the room that Walter, Siobhan, and Antigone (Lacey and Monica opting to stay in the hall, […]