Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: February, 2017

ASN 5.1 Of Course

Siobhan cursed and stumbled back, but then looked down at the young woman lying on the ground sobbing. With a grunt she stumbled back forward, reaching the body at the same time as the man who had burst out of the grimy tunnel. The man was tall but skeletally thin, and shrouded in ratty clothing […]


5.0 Four Little Girls (ditch) School

“Bonnie,” Antigone grumbled as she blearily ran a hand back through her hair and reached for a sweatshirt. “Why, exactly, are we up before dawn?” Three of the four of them were sitting with equally foggy minds and sleep touched eyes, half-heartedly reaching for clothing while still in their pajamas. One of the four, Siobhan, […]


ASN 4.6 One Answer

Lacey didn’t have a chance to answer for hours, as that moment brought Walter and Ryan coming back through the door. Walter raised an eyebrow at the four of them standing in the middle of the couches, with Siobhan still in a loose kind of stance. “Danger?” Walter asked with a raised eyebrow, his eyes […]


4.5 Who?

Twenty minutes later there were multiple police cars parked at the edge of the woods, and a corresponding number of police officers going through the area with flashlights—but spirits were not high among the searchers. “We’re probably going to have to come back in the morning, boss,” Ryan said after another half hour of searching. […]


ASN 4.4 A Bump in the Night

“So…I lost track of you guys during the fight in the High School,” Siobhan explained. “But outside, my dad shanked the King of the Faeries.” Both other girls, in the process of sitting down on the couch next to one another, froze and stared at them. “I know, he’s such a show-off,” she offered with […]