Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: September, 2016

ASN 3.1 The Whole Crew

Alexander looked unamused. “Walter, you bought a lot of credit with last year, but—” he began, before Walter shook his head and sighed. “She doesn’t work alone, she never works alone. I don’t care if she rolled some FBI agent for his badge, she has at least a couple of people with her. I guarantee […]


ASN 3.0 Of All the Police Stations in the World…

By Monday morning, Walter was thinking that Lacey might even have been right. There were apparently some leads in the murder of Troll, some drug dealers who he had crossed a few months before that might be vicious enough to tear him apart. It was a long shot, because Walter still wasn’t certain that what […]


ASN 2.6 Gobshite

Siobhan stormed out of the gardens, shaking her head angrily. She reached up to run a hand back through her hair as she turned to her family and friends. “Well that was a goddamn dumpster fire. Why did we invite that horse’s ass again?” Monica didn’t look much happier, but she took a deep breath […]


ASN 2.5 Well-Heeled

Reverend Morrison caught up with them by the drink table, after Walter had taken Morgan’s arm again and both of them occupied their other hands with a glass of wine. Walter had also carefully supervised Siobhan and Antigone getting cans of Coke, remembering what happened the last time one of his twins drank at a […]


ASN 2.4 In the Churchyard

“Do we really have to go to this thing?” Siobhan asked with a sigh as she and her friends slid out of Monica’s van and began to walk toward the church. “I mean, churches really aren’t my thing.” She sighed and reached down to brush down her black slacks, even though they were fine. She […]


ASN 2.3 Monster Manual

Walter slid back in to his SUV, settling behind the wheel as Morgan was pulling her seatbelt in to place. “If we got in to a car crash, would it even hurt you?” Walter asked curiously as he buckled in as well. Morgan raised an eyebrow, glancing over at him. “Did you sneak in a […]


ASN 2.2: Troll Slayer

Walter was always amused that deeply landlocked Border should run to quite so many bridges, the result of the river—a stream, really—having broken in to two different sections. The original settlers had decided to plant their nascent town right in the middle of the two forks—locals living there already notwithstanding—and had then grown out. The […]