Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: May, 2016

O, Death: Part XXII

Epilogue: Monday, 9:00 AM   “For the last time no, you cannot have a new brother and sister for Christmas,” Walter sighed as he walked Antigone and Siobhan in to the house. He sighed again as not only did the two of them leave their shoes right in front of the door, but when Matthew […]


O, Death: Part XXI

Antigone had never felt anything like it in her entire life. It was like every part of her, every skin cell and every nerve ending, was suddenly firing a thousand times harder than they ever had before. She could feel that the ventilation was still on in the room at least a little bit, because […]


O, Death: Part XX

The Demon was fast, but it seemed proper that Death was faster. It moved like a piece of falling silk, smooth and sudden and over before she even knew it was coming. And yet somehow she moved her sword to the right place to parry the blow, and somehow the wicked and almost molecularly thin […]


O, Death: Part XIX

No more surprises awaited them in the hallway between the stairs and the spooky door, not that it spared them much mental toil to have avoided it. It was still a terrifying walk down a crimson lit hallway in an abandoned Hospital infested by an insane death, after all—not a walk through the park by […]


O, Death: Part XVIII

Rhiannon Aquino had never been a tall woman. She came to only about 5’1”, which both Siobhan and Antigone had passed—if only by an inch. Her features strongly resembled theirs, but with skin a few shades darker tan and hair a few shades darker black. Her eyes were a bright green flecked with hazel, the […]


O, Death: Part XVII

The nightmares didn’t start again until they made it to the stairwell, which was probably for the best—how could they have seen them if they had still been in the dark? Fortunately, for the nightmares at least, the stairwell still had emergency lighting. In the now familiar crimson glow Siobhan could see the swirling darkness […]


O, Death: Part XVI

The hallway was dark, and the intermittent power apparently had included at least a little bit of the air conditioning. It was warm, uncomfortably so despite the fact that it was December. The hallway was exterior, but the windows showed only an endless inky blackness, leaving it lit with the same red emergency lights as […]


O, Death: Part XV

Saturday, 3:15 AM Siobhan leaned over to look at the page that her sister put in front of her. The handwriting was difficult to decipher, since it had been written by a fevered pre-pubescent, but it described the events leading up to Matthew and Natalie’s disappearance. How the fever and hallucinations had spread through the […]