Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: April, 2016

O, Death: Part XIV

“It’s not,” Ryan answered simply. He leaned in to the door, putting his ear against the dark wood and listening in the quiet of the hallway. He moved his head away from the door a moment later, and shrugged slightly. “So…that either means that you’re hearing something we aren’t, or you’ve completely lost your mind.” […]


O, Death: Part XIII

“Tell me you can tell me something about the goddamn doors?” Walter asked, looking over to Ryan specifically. In return Ryan scowled, and sighed. “They’ve been in the city as long as I can remember, so since I was a kid,” Ryan explained. “I know they’re connected to…” he trailed off, sparing a glance to […]


O, Death: Part XII

“She’s fine, Siobhan,for the moment; but that continues to not quite be our biggest problem,” Walter explained with a sigh and a shake of his head as they walked in to the Pediatrics area of the Hospital. “Raina is going to be fine so long as her fever breaks soon, but we…found something in the […]


O, Death: Part XI

Siobhan had been called many things in her young life, but slow had never been one of them. She moved less gracefully in a run than Antigone, but no less slowly—and with her shoulders more tight and muscles more coiled, like a compressed spring ready to leap out at danger. And that was another thing […]


O, Death: Part X

“You should have told her you were from a vague yet menacing government agency,” Siobhan said with a sigh as they walked down the hallway. “It would have been so much cooler. Also, not un-true…Border PD is pretty weird sometimes.” She added this last bit almost as an afterthought, scuffing her canvas shoes on the […]