Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: March, 2016

O, Death: Part IX

It turned out that the both of them were at lunch together, and once Siobhan explained that the situation was perhaps a little time sensitive, they hurried in. One was, as Antigone had mentioned, Walter’s father, who nodded to Paul and Paolo before his attention turned to the two children in beds. The other one […]


O, Death: Part VIII

“Shit!” Siobhan cursed as she and a brown-haired girl tumbled to the floor. Antigone didn’t even have time for an invective as she joined them, the brown-haired boy on top of her. Siobhan kept going with the momentum and managed to end up back on her feet in a crouch, while Antigone ended up laying […]


O, Death: Part VII

Needless to say, Walter hadn’t been thrilled about them going back to the internship. With Morgan out of contact they had been forced to make the decision together, which had resulted in a very long discussion which only at times rose to the level of an argument. The arguments largely involved two positions. Walter’s position […]