Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: February, 2016

O, Death: Part VI

They ended up at a small restaurant and brewpub nearby called ‘Bottles’, Siobhan settling down in to the seat next to her father after she returned from using the restroom. Walter was still dressed from his day at the office, his gun bulging out slightly from under the jacket he wore and snow still clinging […]


O, Death: Part V

“Well, I guess we know what happened to them,” Antigone offered with a sigh as she considered the pictures. Once again they found themselves in the hallway Morgan had shown them earlier, with the pictures of the children who had died in 1986. Her fingertips lingered on the picture of a boy with a bowl-cut […]


O, Death: Part IV

“I can’t believe he spilled all of that goddamn soda again!” Siobhan muttered angrily to herself as she shoved the mop down in to the bucket, splashing a little bit of soapy water out on to the floor. “This is a man that they trust with Operation—the board game—let alone actual scalpels and sharp things.” […]


O, Death: Part III

It turned out that their winter break ‘internship’ was set to primarily consist of cleaning up things that were non-biological. Like when Doctor Alvarez spilled an entire two liter of soda he was bringing for the Oncology Department staff holiday party, and there had been two shiny High Schoolers hanging around to help. While both […]


O, Death: Part II

The previous Monday, 7:30 A.M. “It’s not that I’m not thankful,” Siobhan said with a yawn as she got out of her father’s SUV. “It’s just that I did specifically request a graveyard shift.” She was dressed in what she liked to consider her ‘nursing goth’ look. It wasn’t chromatically different from normal, it was […]


O, Death: Part 1

Saturday, 3 AM. There was screaming in her ears. Screams of pain, screams of fear, screams of the outside trying to get in. It was in her ears and in her head, and she couldn’t get away from it. It echoed and rebounded the walls of her mind, taking on a mocking quality at times—and […]


The Border Re-Opens With:

A door long closed. A doctor’s past. The twins future. The next installment in the Border, KS series is: O, Death. A short story/novella starring, primarily, Antigone and Siobhan. Tonight we will see what happens when the twins are given unfettered access to a hospital, and a part of the past of Border, KS. Part […]