Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: December, 2015

15.2 The End

“I don’t suppose I have to caution you about freezing out here,” Walter offered in amusement. Morgan smirked, wiggling her toes and shrugging. She had somehow changed into a fashionable, knee-length dress in dark blue with silver embroidery—although he suspected that all she’d needed to ‘change’ was an empty bathroom and some magic. “Queen of […]


15.1 The Champions

It turned out, Walter was both delighted and surprised to learn, that the party after you’ve (probably) killed a God turned out to be quite a party indeed. None of them had expected there to be a party, necessarily—it had just happened to spring up at them. It was pushing 8 PM when the convoy […]


15.0 Cover Stories

EPILOGUE: WHAT KIND OF DAY IT HAS BEEN “What. The hell. Are we going to tell people?” The Mayor of Border was a man of middling height who Walter did not think was terribly charismatic. Apparently he could turn it on when he had to, but he was not trying to turn it on right […]


14.9 Mortem

He knew that he was dead, which was the odd thing. He knew that there was a separation between his body and his soul and that if left that way, his death would become fatal. He would have chuckled about the idea of death becoming fatal, but he was not in a state of existence […]


14.8 Visions Seen in Dreams

Antigone Richards had never been someone who strode boldly forward. That was Siobhan’s role; hers was the consideration and calculation, weighing different options to see which was best. They worked well together, but they also re-enforced one another’s predispositions. So when the time came for boldness she was frequently nervous and shaky. Especially when she […]


14.7 The Price of Power

Walter hadn’t done drugs, not really. A couple of joints when he was a listless High Schooler who figured he had nothing better to do with his life, but the only substances he had used beyond that were alcohol and tobacco. So he really had no frame of reference for his thought that what drug […]