Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: November, 2015

14.6 Mistakes Were Made…

“I’m beginning to think,” Walter grunted as he rolled unsteadily to his feet. “That I may have made the tiniest of mistakes.” He had managed, somehow, to keep the knife in hand during his aerial tour of the courtyard. He put it back in a regular grip. Not like I seem to be doing much […]


14.5 Ordeal

The pressure stopped battering at Walter’s soul, and he had the distinct feeling that he had surprised a God. He saw his fellow police officers and his daughters standing up, but no one spoke for long moments—they just stared at him. The Faeries were equally incredulous. Even Tennyson rolled over from where he was laying […]


14.4 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Tania screamed. Morgan screamed. For that matter, Oberon screamed. The goidte dubh did exactly what it was supposed to, and the magic began to pour out of Tania. It had never claimed that it would be pleasant for either party, after all. The magic coming out of Tania blazed white-hot, but the white of heat—of […]


14.3 Black Knives

The Border, P.D. showed up with two patrol cars and a van. They were relatively new and well-maintained, but even if they had been dinky and under-maintained they would have been the most glroious caravan that Walter had ever seen. Out of the now slightly dented car that had hit the Faerie came Leah, and […]


14.2 A Losing Battle

Morgan walked away from Walter, and swallowed at the sight before her. The fighting in the school hallway had been fun—an excuse to flex, stretch her powers in a way that she hadn’t had an excuse to in a long time. And punting the boy out the door had been the kind of showing off […]


14.1 Murdered to Death

“Shit, help me!” Antigone shouted to her sister when she saw the angry man charging toward her. “I don’t know what I’m doing, for God’s sake!” Siobhan looked at the man, and swallowed. She ached, from where she had been hurt in the fighting, and the panic that she had fought down with the blue-haired […]


14.0 War Never Changes…

CHAPTER 14: A TRANSFER OF POWER Walter was almost prepared for how fast Ninja Grandpa was. Having his hands on iron helped, and having seen more Faeries fighting helped—especially Morgan and Tania, who blew the Ninja Grandpa away with their skill and speed. Of course he wasn’t anywhere in their league either, but the experience […]