Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: October, 2015

13.9 Dance Partners

Walter cursed and jumped back as a form flew out of the doors of the school. He heard Morgan shouting something but couldn’t make out exactly what she said. Whatever it was, the last word couldn’t have been Sparta, he thought. It was only after a moment that Walter realized that what had flown out […]


13.8 What We Fight For

Siobhan’s next attack was a flying elbow that took the woman in the stomach, and while it sent radiating waves of pain through her arm it also sent the blue-haired woman doubling over for a moment. Siobhan tried to keep seizing the momentum of the fight and brought her elbow up in a vicious uppercut […]


13.7 Moments of Strength

“Incoming!” Ryan Aquino called out as mist continued to fill the room. The sounds from beyond the door were getting louder and more insistent, and for a moment they had masked the sounds of more Faerie warriors coming down the stairs toward them. Fortunately, Ryan had noticed before they had made it all the way […]


13.6 Locative Attacks

Walter cursed. The knife sliced through his vest and scored him across the shoulder, but not nearly as bad as it could have. Whatever it was that hit him could have done a lot worse, but had also been trying to disable him with a tackle. He had these thoughts in the seconds before he […]


13.5 Magic Words

“Ok,” Siobhan said as she got back to her feet and looked at her sister, “How do we close the damn door?” The faded and flecked door stood wide open, with the mist continuing to come out of it. They could hear people near the stairs coming down to them, and they could hear at […]


13.4 Beating a You Know What

It turned out that shooting the horse did nothing to improve the disposition of the Nightmare lord. Walter hadn’t been completely sure that it would work, whether because the creature protected the horse as well or if the horse had actually been a part of it, but the horse disappeared in a cloud of black […]