Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: September, 2015

13.3 Playing Nice

Walter expected it to be bad as he emerged up the hallway in to the bottom floor of the high school. What he didn’t expect was sheer pandemonium. Students were, perhaps wisely, running like mad to get away from whatever it was; they were retreating in a way that left no one trampled as far […]


13.2 And Madness Followed After

Walter gasped as the door gave way and he found himself spilling out on to an aged and yellowed tile floor. He noticed dirt stuck between the tiles that indicated it wasn’t frequently cleaned, and then he noticed the weight that was around his torso. He was back in the real world, with a carbine […]


13.1 Under Pressure

Antigone woke up with a headache that pounded against her temples like Athena was trying to get out. Or like she was going to give birth to an alien—the kind from Alien. She had stumbled to the bathroom and forced down a couple of Tylenol before getting in the shower, and it hadn’t gone down […]


13.0 The Best We Can

BEGIN CHAPTER 13: Following Nightmares Sunday wasn’t hard for Siobhan and Antigone, primarily because it resembled a sleep-over. Lacey and Monica spent the day over and they played video games with Ryan, did homework, and Antigone even got them all to try Yoga. Then, since there was no one there to stop them, they stayed […]


12.10 Future

“Where am I?” Walter let the question hang in the air, and noticed almost immediately that there was no resonance to it. It seemed like he was back in something related to him, but as he looked to the side he saw the others walking beside him. But none of them answered, their eyes fixed […]


12.9 Tennyson’s Dream

Walter knew instantly that it was a battle. There was too much that sounded the same for it to be anything but fighting, even though it quickly became apparent that the weapons were very different from the ones he had used. Some people were wielding swords in sizes ranging from normal to ludicrous with ease, […]


12.8 Black to White

The change from pure black to a very dark gray was so subtle at first, the lightening so gradual, that Walter didn’t notice it. None of the others noticed until that point either, until all at once all three of them stopped and looked around. “Weird,” Walter commented, reaching out to try to touch the […]


12.7 What Other Men Fear

A long emptiness waited for them as they walked, swirling out in front of them. A slow wind blew, rustling their clothing. After what was probably a few minutes of walking, Morgan reached out and snapped her fingers. A glowing blue light appeared, bobbing along merrily next to her and illuminating the two of them […]