Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: July, 2015

12.2 Moments Before

There was a familiar and comforting weight to the gear that Walter wore, and more comfort in the ritual of checking every pocket carefully to make sure things where we he had wanted to stow them. He was wearing a black tactical vest, designed with separate kinds of plates to stop both stabbing and firearms. […]


12.1 The Morning Of

“It’s been a week since our big pow-wow, and I’m not sure I’m any better at this.” Walter grumbled as he pulled himself back up the gym mat. He grunted a bit, although it wasn’t as bad as previous training sessions had been—they were go for spooky door in the afternoon, and they didn’t want […]


12.0 The Night Before

CHAPTER 12: EXECUTION The world swirled about, confusing shades of gray and white. They rolled in clouds that threatened to overwhelm Antigone as she tried to force her way out of them. At once it had a great weight and was weightless, binding her from moving until she thought that it was a dream—once she […]


11.9 Be Careful

“I don’t think you’re making the right choice, letting the kids run around telling people about what’s going on.” Ryan said as they cleared the dishes. All four girls had gone back to the twins conjoined rooms, and the younger Ryan out to the garage to tinker with his board. It left the two adults […]


11.8 Nineteen Ninety-Naan

The numbers immediately presented a problem. Walter wasn’t going to be horrible and kick his daughters’ guests out because he hadn’t brought enough food for them all, but he also knew trying to stretch it between them would end up with reproachful glares from his garbage disposal of a son. Fortunately salvation came in the […]


11.7 Chart

What had begun as a ride and turned in to a lunch, eventually ended up as an all afternoon planning session. Walter’s head spun with the basic primer of Faerie, and the knowledge that he was going to get a little lesson in how to beat up magical creatures. He had even stopped denying magic […]