Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: June, 2015


Today isn’t a story day in Border, KS. This is prime blog material right here, something I’ve never done in lieu of story. But there is a good reason why: As of today, I have been doing Border, KS for one year. The first segment launched on July 1, 2o14–which means in just over an […]


11.6 Operational Planning

“But we’re clear,” Walter said a little bit later after a mouth full of guacamole, “On the fact that this is a trap?” He offered, gesturing with a chip covered in the mouth-watering green chunks. “Like…a big, obvious, stinking trap?” Andre Alexander reached for some of the chips, and Walter batted the other man’s reach […]


11.5 Literary Comparisons

By the time Walter and Ryan re-entered the room the Mexican food had been put out on the table and the rest of the beer brought out. Gabriel Shepherd had also apparently shown up, and was sitting down to join them in their spicy repast. But there was something else in the center of the […]


11.4 Blood and Need

Walter stood out on the balcony of Morgan’s apartment. They had gone over some more of the basics of what Oberon’s plan likely was, to try to get Walter to understand—that way when they came back after lunch, they could come up with an actual plan. Delivery Mexican food had been ordered, and now Morgan […]


11.3 Worst Case?

“What do you want to know?” Morgan asked in response to Walter’s words. She looked…unsettled, somehow, as if speaking the truth would make things real she didn’t want to be. Like dangers would come out just by speaking them. “What is it, exactly, what your father is planning on doing?” Walter asked. “What exactly happened […]


11.2 A-Door-Able

“And then there is the scary red one with yellow circles around the border.” Lacey finally finished her accounting of all the unexplained doors she knew of in Border. “I think they’re the moon or planets, because it looks like they have phases. And it’s yellow for a reason—I think it might be Venus?” Monica […]


11.1 To It

Walter leaned back in his chair, considering that proclamation seriously for several long moments. After maybe thirty seconds, he shook his head. “No, I don’t buy it.” He said with a shrug. “It wasn’t an offer.” Morgan said seriously. “It wasn’t a debate—you want information. We can give you some on this, but if I […]


11.0 Goddesses

BEGIN CHAPTER 11: PLANS “I’m sorry M, but among other things I am a goddess of lust. I am as I was born to be.” Tania proclaimed breezily as she walked out of Morgan’s palatial shower wearing one of her bath robes, followed by Ryan Aquino. Walter’s brother-in-law had been the other of the two […]


10.10 Leisurely Drive

Walter didn’t actually catch up to Morgan until she got to the sidewalk outside of the Police headquarters. He had to jog the last little bit in order to do it, as she was putting on a lot of speed as she got out of the building. “Where are you going?” He finally managed to […]