Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: May, 2015

10.9 Impossibility

“You can’t destroy Border.” Morgan answered simply, shaking her head. “It’s fixed, it has to be. You might as well talk about destroying continents, or Faerie itself. I’m not saying you’re lying,” She allowed with a wave of her hand, “But that doesn’t mean it’s actually possible.” The Earl shook his head slowly. “I wouldn’t […]


10.8 The Rest of the Story

Like many High Schools, Dwight D. Eisenhower High School was built in a primarily residential area. Siobhan had always assumed that this was in order to let people walk to them in vaguely defined ‘old days’, although by now she also knew that a lot of the area had originally been farming before the city […]


10.7 Spooky Door

Groups of people have an energy to them that reflects their mood and circumstances. It’s why politician press the flesh, and why sometimes everyone in a room can tell when a couple has been fighting. It can be heard in the tone of their voice or seen in the movements of their body or eyes, […]


10.6 Quarter

Thunderous silence reigned in the room for long heartbeats as the Earl struggled without speaking, and Walter stared without speaking. Morgan gloated without speaking, which Walter thought was probably the most unsettling thing about it all. Trash talk he was used to, but there was such quiet self-assuredness in the look that Morgan gave the […]


10.5 Deja Vu

Monday morning came and Walter could have sworn that he was experiencing deja vu. He had come in to the Border, P.D. with Morgan and immediately headed for the interview rooms. The rebuilt interview rooms, he thought to himself with a sigh as he walked along. “So we’ll start…uh…deicide practice this week?” He asked quietly, […]


10.4 Never Good Choices

The man called Tennyson stood in a wooded land beneath the sprawling, starry sky and thought about the choices that he made. He stood on a low hill on a summer night, and the air smelled of jasmine and hyacinth and a thousand other flowers. It tickled at his nose even as it danced on […]


10.4 What Do We Do?

Morgan, unsurprisingly, regained her composure very quickly. She pulled out a kleenex from the box on Walter’s end-table, a necessity in a house with teenagers, and neatly folded it back up. “Needless to say that is not well known, among any circles—and I don’t tell a lot of people.” She said with a little bit […]


10.2 A Long Century

“So how do we stop him?” Walter asked the only real question he could think of. He couldn’t disagree that Oberon was obviously upping the game, or whether he needed to be stopped. “That depends on what it actually is that he’s doing, and that’s the problem.” Morgan said, leaning back and crossing her ankles. […]


10.1 Disbelief

Walter stared at Morgan for a long moment as he took in her revelation. A small part of his brain thought that he had spent far too much time since he moved to Border being bewildered—it could have been on the tourism flyers. Bewildered in Border! It was an absurd thought, and he knew it, […]