Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: April, 2015

10.0 Regina

BEGIN CHAPTER 10: GROWING TOWARD   “Well, you definitely can rock a theme.” Antigone said as Morgan Winters stepped in from the outside, removing her coat and leaving her fuzzy boots in a pile by the door. She was wearing a pair of light blue sweatpants and a white zip-up hoodie sweatshirt with the words […]


9.10 The First Seven

“I think today must be the day when people ask me things twice. Between the guy at the dress store, Bug, and you. I didn’t get a double fortune in the cookie from the Thai place, but I bet if I called them back my odds are good.” Walter responded. “Who else asked, and also […]


9.9 What Was/What Were

The children hit the house like a wrecking crew, loud and without the least suggestion of subtlety. Shoes were once again piled in front of the door, and the whole lot of them looked like they might just strip everything off there and sit on the couch in underwear until Walter chivvied them to their […]


9.8 Scary Chalk Circle

“Well…” Walter said, as he looked at the brick wall in the top of the High School, “I was right.” He finished, with a weight to his voice. “You were?” Siobhan asked. “I have to ask…why do you let us keep coming to crime scenes?” Antigone asked as well, as they came in to the […]


9.7 Again and Again

“Ok, this is getting ridiculous.” Antigone said with a shake of her head, her mouth forming a moue of displeasure. “Siobhan gets a magic dog, and now both of you are Faerie princesses?” She challenged them, before she looked back to her father. “I get a car right? I mean it’s only fair.” “I thought […]


9.6 The Green Pastures

Oberon, rightful Ard Righ of the Faerie, the Elf King, Prince of all the Green Plains, was not happy. The wind that whipped around him blew with it a stream of snowflakes, and he longed for the Green Plains of his birth and title. For a moment the image in his head and the need […]


9.5 A Valid Question

“Why the hell does this keep happening?” Walter asked. The question had stewed in him for a long time, and he had been debating how to phrase it best. All the way back to the school with Morgan riding behind, which would have been pleasant otherwise, they stewed within him. Now, standing in what was […]


9.4 Post Fracas

“He still looks like he’s sneering, even when he’s unconscious.” Morgan Winters commented as she came up on the mostly still, but sadly breathing, man. “I wonder if that’s actually like, permanent damage.” “One can only hope.” Walter commented as he made sure he still had his…well, everything secured about his person as he came […]