Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: February, 2015

8.5 Shared Stories

“Needless to say, the vicar was unhappy!” Morgan said through laughter that edged right up to the line of being girlish and barely stopped, kicking her feet in delight. “We were in trouble for months, and it took hours to clean up—but it was so worth it.” She giggled for a few moments longer, clear […]


8.4 Recurring Theme

“So it’s…always Halloween themed?” Antigone asked a little bit speculatively. The whole front entranceway to Dwight D. Eisenhower High School had been decorated liberally with wheat stalks, hay bales, and spider webs. It looked like a Hammer Horror film thew up on the set of Nebraska, Antigone thought wryly. “Well…they kind of mix it up […]


8.3 Second Time

The house looked like a wrecking crew had been through it when everyone had finally left. It was also far earlier than he would have expected. Walter had texted Morgan Winters at just after 4 PM that the house was now ‘clear’, although he had to admit it didn’t resemble any kind of clear he […]


8.2 Real Costs

“Do you think they fell asleep?” Walter asked in to his cell-phone as he hauled the packages out of his car, grunting at the effort. “Christ, I carried a weighted backpack in a desert with a rifle, and these girls are going to kill me with their shopping list.” “No, I don’t think they fell […]


8.1 Taking Stock

“No. We don’t know where Excalibur is, although it is an actual sword we knew as Caliburn.” Morgan answered with a sigh. It was most of the working day later, after everything had quieted down sufficiently that they could discuss what had happened. Siobhan and Antigone had waited mostly out of sight with Tania, and […]


8.0 Questions, Questions, Questions

CHAPTER 8: FORWARD   There are hungry things in the world that demand satisfaction, and will keep pestering you and hounding you until they are fed. Hungry children and teenagers, sharks and large predators, and the media. Only one of them was waiting for them outside of the Border PD headquarters when they came back […]


7.10 Imperfect Control

If it was possible, Morgan and Tania seemed more confused than Walter did—shock was genuinely etched across their features at the sight. They stood there watching as if made of ivory and paint as the dogs lowered themselves down like obedient puppies. But the person who looked most shocked of all was Siobhan. She kept […]


7.9 To Heel

Antigone’s hurl was more graceful, with the elegance of a dancer. But it was also significantly less effective than Siobhan. Walter had heard the description from Julian Shaw about how she had reacted when given the chance, and he had believed it 100%—he had just never seen Siobhan given an opportunity to act with the […]