Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: January, 2015

7.8 More Like Eisenhunds, Plural

Walter cursed and spun, gun still in his hands as the two other Eisenhund advanced from the shadows. They were slightly smaller than their leader, but that still left them more than large enough to be scary as hell. “What was in here?” Walter asked as he trained his pistol on the advancing beasts. “Some […]


7.7 Das Eisenhund

What came out of the curling darkness was a dog…technically. Walter would have said it was canine-ish, and that was a good description. It stood the height of his waist on powerfully muscled haunches, and it strode forward with a steady gait. It was a dark brown with reddish spots sprinkled liberally across it, like […]


7.6 A What Now?

“A what now?” Walter sputtered as they started to walk out of the room. “Dammit, I feel like all I’m doing is repeating the last thing you said but as a question; can someone please—once and for all—tell us what the hell we’re doing, and why we should be terrified?” Morgan sighed. “As long as […]


7.5 Somewhat Numb

At this point Walter was quickly going beyond shell shocked and just moving into numb—not comfortably and not expectedly, although he supposed Morgan could have given him a shot when he was out that was helping.Or done magic bullshit, I guess, he thought. “A prophet?” He managed to get out. It took him a second […]


7.4 Another Night

Gabriel Shepherd didn’t like not knowing things. He wasn’t, despite some of his more show-offy moments, actual a prophet. He just sometimes knew how things were going to happen really, really well. But even when he couldn’t see how things were going to go, he still prided himself on foreknowledge. And so when he didn’t […]


7.3 Family Ties

“What?” Walter asked flatly. At this point he was surprised that he could still be surprised, which he supposed was a little bit recursive. He had figured that by this point in the twists and turns of the conversation that he couldn’t be shocked, but this one struck very personally home. He felt like the […]


7.2 Relevance

“So you’re seven hundred years old, next year?” Antigone said with the same tone of stunned disbelief that almost everyone in the room seemed to be feeling. Her eyes were wide with consideration as she thought about what that would mean. “Damn, girl.” Siobhan said, covering her own shock with whatever the hell it was […]


7.1 Fairy, Faerie

“Fairies.” Walter responded simply. It was hardly even a question—it was more of a statement. A statement that didn’t drip with incredulity, only because Walter had sufficient restraint to not want to seem like he was mocking the doctor. But it was certainly sufficiently damp with incredulity that a good shake would have caused it […]


7.0: A Plotting Intermission

CHAPTER 7: An Expansion of Knowledge The stars sparkle so much more brightly in the cold, like pinpricks of ice scattered across heaven by the hand of God. The only thing that could be more beautiful was the view of them from space, or so he had been told. The man that Walter called Professor […]