Border, KS

Isn't Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic? (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)

Month: December, 2014

6.9 A Demand for Information

There are soft lights and harsh lights, and then there are hospital lights. Very few things burn the way a hospital light sears the retinas on first awakening, and while the Border PD wasn’t a full hospital apparently they shopped at the same store. Walter wondered briefly why someone had moved the overhead florescent light […]


6.8 Awaken

There is only one darkness that never ends, when the eyes close forever and the soul goes to whatever awaits it. All other darknesses must break, even the one that Walter found himself swimming through. He didn’t know how long he had been swimming in it, only that it was dark and the only thing […]


6.7 Rolling Midnight

The rolling midnight spread across the old main room of the Border Police Department until it hit the walls, and then it began to crawl up them in slowly creeping tendrils. Like shadowy ivy they crept up until they began to pool at the corners and spread across the ceiling. It was horrifying, and by […]


6.6 Boss Fight

Ninja Grandpa, sadly, didn’t die from being shot right in the crotch. But apparently there is a universality to being hit there that transcends species and perhaps even mortality, and his eyes widened in a startled agony as his flesh ripped and hiss and he stumbled back. Too bright blood splattered to the tile and […]


6.5 Under Iron

A fight has an ebb and flow like a tide, and gaining the momentum is important. Walter knew that as he stepped forward to meet the charging man, but also knew how fast he was; knew that in a heartbeat the man would be standing beside him and attacking, and that he had to react. […]


6.4 Under the Moonless Night

The expansive main rooms of the Border Police Department were old, airy, and filled with little pockets of violence as men and women did their best to try to fight off…whoever it was that was attacking them. There didn’t seem to be a lot of them, but it was hard for Walter to see them […]


6.3 Under the Law

There are some rooms that look the same in the light and the dark, nothing more than a washed out umbral reflection of their daytime selves. For some rooms darkness is a sinister mirror, with every edge suddenly jagged, and every comforting nook a disconcerting portal. And then there are rooms that suddenly go dark […]


6.2 Response

Tennyson leaned back and smiled. The question hung in the silence of the room as everyone, even the ones behind the glass, considered it and it’s repercussions. Finally, Walter answered. “Nope.” “Why not?” Tennyson asked, an almost disappointed note in his voice. “Because that’s a really idiotic cliche that normally involves a more complicated plan […]


6.1 Cliche

Alexander pulled up short before the door, turning to face the others. “Something isn’t right here.” He said after a moment’s reflection. “I’ve seen a lot of guys in a lot of boxes, and none of them have ever been that calm.” He shrugged a little bit as he looked between Walter and Leah, who […]